Miss Audrey

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Miss Audrey is a winner of "the 2020 GPHG Ladies." As it features a self-winding automatic movement with 42 hours of power reserve. Not just this, but it also has a patented Amadeo ® convertible system. Due to this convertible system, it can be converted into a desk clock or a necklace without any need for tools. This watch is named "Miss Audrey" because "Audrey" means noble and strength, and "Miss" is added as it has a feminine touch and, indeed, is for women. The royal blue colour of the watch is a complement to women's wrists. The dial has shiny minute crystals that enhance the beauty of the watch. In fact, the rim of the watch is decorated with diamondizes that magnify the watch. 

This Bovet watch has synthetic stain straps that are and is a very elegant and comfy design. It converts into a rhodium-plated silver aventurine glass pearl. The diameter of the watch is 36mm also is water resistant. Indeed, it is an excellent watch for those who want a luxury watch with a touch of elegance. 

Main Features to Note:

  • Synthetic Stain Strap 
  • Power Reserve in 42 Hours
  • Rhodium Plated or Aventurine Glass Pearl Necklace
  • Self-winding Automatic Movement
  • Diameter of 36mm
  • Crown Setting

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