Bovet Fleurier 19Thirty

Fleurier 19Thirty

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This work of art by Bovet watch is titled "19 Thirty Fleurier." In fact, "Fleurier" is a place in Switzerland that has a beautiful and mesmerizing view. Thus, this watch is designed to keep in mind the top view of Fleurier. Indeed, it seems as if one can see the wind blowing from the top. The striking turquoise colour of the watch represents wisdom, good fortune, health and protection, according to Mr. Pascal Raffty. The dial watch has affixed a hand-decorated dial which is carved and has engraved designs. The translucent lacquer is used to polish the unique design of the watch to make it shine. The Bovet collection of the 19 Thirty Collection is made with deep colours along with mesmerizing patterns. The 42mm case in stainless steel provides comfort to the size of the wearer's wrist. This watch is specifically designed to keep in mind the everyday usage of an individual. The dial of the watch shows hours, minutes and even sub-seconds to keep track of time. It is not wrong to say that the watch is made by keeping in mind the 19th-century pocket watches. 

Main Features to Note:

  • Hours, minutes & sub-seconds
  • Hand-wound movement
  • Ergonomic 42 mm case in 18K stainless steel
  • 7-day power reserve with a single barrel
  • Leather Straps 

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