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Carl F. Bucherer “Pathos collection” has affixed sparkling gemstones, set in rose and white gold, make the slight Pathos Swan an attractive jewelry watch and symbol of feminine beauty. In fact, many cultures regard the swan as a symbol of pureness, grace, affection, and beauty, and it is symbolic of Lucerne. Not just this but is also a symbol of its eponymous lake. Carl F. Bucherer considers this as the mother-of-pearl dial of this latest creation. Top Wessel-ton quality diamonds and the premium sapphires in various blue tones. All of these stones are affixed in such a way that they turn out into an image of a swan gliding gracefully over water. Surely, this watch is made with 18-karat rose gold. The second variant offers a mixture of white and rose gold, both of which are 18 karat.


Main Features to Note:

  • Diameter 34 mm
  • 18k Rose Gold/ 18k White Gold
  • Sapphire Crystal Glass Dome
  • Anti-reflective coating on both sides
  • Water resistance
  • 404 diamonds, sapphires FC TW


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