Bovet Recital 27

Récital 27

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The extensively decorated but this powerful Bovet watch is named "Recital 27," as Recital means something musical or poetical. This watch seems poetic with its looks, as it has an intricate but unique design. The rim of the dial is in 18k red Gold, which has a day and night indicator. Not just this, but it also shows the time of three different time zones. Not just this, but it has a 46.30 mm trademark writing slop case in 18k Gold or titanium. It is a masterpiece of excellence that displays the time zone of three (3) countries at one particular time. It is water resistant and becomes all men, as it is a very elegant design. This has a decent-sized dial, which makes it a good fit for all types of wrists, whether it is for a thick or thin wrist. The straps of this watch are fully made with alligator skin. The dark glossy leather straps complement the watch and make them appear to be very eye catchy. The gold rim of the watch makes the dial of the watch much more dominant.


Main Features to Note:

  • Day & Night Indicator 
  • Three-Dimensional Hemisphere Precision Moon 
  • Three (3) Time Zones 
  • 46.30 mm trademarked writing slope case in 18K red gold or titanium
  • Exhibition Case back
  • Seven-Day Power Reserve with a Single Barrel
  • Alligator Straps

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