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Founded in Oman, Muscut in 1978 by Muhammad Hanif, innately blessed with the talent of creating masterpieces from a very young age of 18. While securing experience of craftsmanship, Hanif became one of the most brilliant Bangles maker of his time. The magnificent bangles swiftly established great praises and built reputation in early 80’s. Being referred to as family-owned business Hanif had appreciable assistant from his spouse — it was then in middle 90’s “The Rise of Middle East” when Hanif along with his few companions introduced 5 stores in Muscut at intervals. Owning the definition of rich culture, love and art, Mr. Hanif wholly ruled the throne of jewellery artistry. / The reign of jewellery craftsmanship entirely belonged to Mr. Hanif.



90’s was the era of endorsement of Hanif’s finely created ornaments. Early 2000’s came with the arousal of earning stardom in the birthplace of Muhammad Hanif; Pakistan. Passing the business to the next generation a new period took place in Pakistan. Tables turned in 2004, Hanif Jewellers began to serve classic gold and diamond gems cherished by the Pakistanis. The ecstasy of thriving led to the first ever Flagship store of Hanif Jewellers in 2009 located in the posh area of Lahore. Roman aesthetic of the building is the limelight of high street of Gulberg. The legacy bore fruit by leaps and bounds, serving most high end jewels, diamonds reflecting the surreal art meanwhile building an emotional connection with their customers. 



Since the last 4 decades Hanif J&W has been following the 5 major values to keep the industry stand out at every level. 


  •     Commitment 
  •     Dedication 
  •     Perfection
  •     Hardwork
  •     Honesty



Hanif Jewellers and Watches gained valuable fame by entertaining both Pakistani and international clients with the most luxurious pieces of gold and diamond jewels for years. We are now the official representatives of Debeers Forever Mark Diamonds and exclusive retailers of Farah Khan Fine Jewellery in Pakistan. The overwhelming success led to the the golden flag in 2016 when Hanif Jewellers and Watches was awarded by the President of Pakistan for being the most authentic retailer of the country. We have been announced as the highest tax-paying company in our industry in Pakistan to date by the Federal Board of Revenue. Hanif Jewellers and Watches has also received a token of appreciation by the Army Chief for serving foreign officials and diplomats at our store.



Today HANIF is all about quality, passion and art, our pieces has the hint of love and happiness that we pass to our clients. Successful series of Hanif is currently airing in two most beautiful and big cities of Punjab — Lahore & Islamabad plus the ultramodern city of UAE — Dubai selling gorgeously manufactured gems of all time. From Flagship to Premium stores we have our masterpieces in reach of everybody. Classic, magnificent and artistic style of the jewels has been apple of the eye since 1978 till today. The tomorrow will bring sweeter fruit as the family of HANIF will keep the legacy shinning. 

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