Orbis Mundi

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This timeless piece of Bovet watch is named "Orbis Mundi" in the small sphere that captures the time of the whole world. The word "Orbis" means circle or sphere, and the word "Mundi" means the world. So, this name of the watch truly justifies it. This masterpiece shows 24 time zones at one glance. The dial and display or the crown are designed in such a way that one can get to know the time anywhere in the world. The dial of the watch has 24 time zones of the world with the names of the places for an individual to understand the time zone. Orbis Mundi's crown is counterclockwise and is set for the hours and minutes with the unique 24-time zone dial. The ergonomic 42mm Grade 5 titanium or 5N red gold case provides a unique and elegant design for each wrist. It has a slim profile of 11.25mm, which is built with a real-sapphire-cabochon-topped crown. All of its functions are set via the crown of the watch. Orbis Mundi is designed in such a way that it has a 7-day power reserve with just a single barrel. Also, the watch has leather straps that magnify the whole look of the watch. 


Main Features to Note:

  • 24-Time Zones Display 
  • 42mm Grade 5 Titanium
  • 5N Red Gold Case
  • Slim Profile of 11.25mm
  • Real-Sapphire-Cabochon Topped Crown
  • 7-Day Power Reserve with a Single Barrel
  • Leather Straps 


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