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Virtuoso VII

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Bovet watch "Virtuoso" means genius, marvel or master. In fact, the Virtuoso VII presents a retrograde perpetual calendar which tells not only the day, date, month, and leap year. Instead of the main dial of the watch, there are two other dials as well. They are patented double coaxial seconds mechanisms. The watch has a sophisticated Amadeo case that can convert from a wristwatch into a pocket watch as well as can be converted into a table clock. Bovet's Virtuoso VII has hand-engraved bridges and plates, and even the Fleurisanne motifs are also visible. The date is displayed on a silver disc which surrounds the central hours and minutes dial. A triangular hand emerges mysteriously from beneath the central dial. As it is a retrograde calendar into it thus, the date hand performs a counterclockwise sweep back to one (1) at the last of every month. 

Virtuoso VII has a Guilloche pattern which reflects the shape of a lotus flower with 12 petals. Hence the emerald green colour of the watch is a very stunning enamel. And the White Gold Roman numerals and the hands of this wristwatch go in contrast with the emerald green colour. 

Main Features to Note:

  • Reverse hand fitting 
  • Hand decorated dial 
  • Five-day power reserve with single barrel 
  • Patented Amadeo ® convertible system 
  • 43.30mm case in 18k white Gold 
  • Day, date, month, leap year and retrograde calendar 
  • Straps of Alligator Skin

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